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Mysteries of Saffron Lily 5/5

The darkness is absolute, but even still I can just barely make out the essence of the spirit. It speaks to me, though it does not materialize. I am not sure it knows or cares that I can hear it.

“Who dares to enter this sacred chamber?”

I do not speak, as I desire more light, and manipulate my essence to flare my caste mark, brightening the initial chamber in the glow. The spirit is now completely visible, and it looks like it is bowing.

“Lawgiver! Forgive me Copper Spider, I have waited so long for one of the Princes of Creation to find this place. Now that you are here my geas is complete—“

“Wait! Before you go, what is this place, who put you here, stay, talk to me, show me around? I have nothing with which to compel you, but ask only in friendship.”

“This place is a sacred building of the Lawgivers. During the Usurpation it was buried under the Earth in one day by the magic of the Solar Exalted, it has remained here ever since, and by that same magic I was bound to remain here until it was reclaimed by a Lawgiver, and to allow no one else access to it. No one has come save you, and for that I will talk. I have no duty under Heaven now, since I’m certain they’ve given away my post…”

Despite wanting to know everything this being is saying, I focus on the task at hand. “Walk me through this place as we talk then?”

The building turns out to be a pyramid, long since buried. I am informed that the balustrade is a rain-collecting device for anyone who wishes to remain inside. That way they may have clean water. It has remained mostly intact throughout the ages, confined within the earth and that the entrance I used to discover it is an emergency tunnel built after it was sealed and connecting to the second level on the interior from the top. By the end of our tour we have travelled several rooms and floors, into a cavernous space inside the center of the pyramid. A dome of pure crystal caps the top and mirrors reflect the lights throughout the chamber. No sun, no light within the pyramid.

“And… where is the hearth room?” I ask of the spirit.

It… sighs. “So many questions, Twilight. Always questions. I will answer this last one and go. Yes, the manse is functional, but it has no power. It still caps the demense it sits on, and the magic that hides it keep either from deteriorating, but that demense is no longer being fed by natural essence flows. You would have to redirect the ley lines that formed the demense downwards in order to power the manse to give you a hearthstone. Until then…”

“Hmmm… yes. I should return. Thank you spirit.” With that, I return through the manse, quietly debating on how to do that, and more importantly, what to do with a family in a house that I will have to buy… I find myself hoping that at least one of them knows a skilled craft.


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