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The Ecstatic’s Code

It has come to our attention that there are those who simply cannot grasp the precepts of Ecstasy as a Path. For those who are interested, these codes make up the core, perhaps simplified, version of a primordial belief system that has no Church beyond the Self and its Aspects.
It is our goal to feel all that we can feel, physically, emotionally and mentally. When confronted with new experiences, to dive into them with relish. We apply this principal to the tragic and the comic equally.
It is our hope that no Ecstatic, in light of the first principal, would ever willingly stand between a person and their Experience.
For an Ecstatic, the reason for Feeling is Feeling. For those outside, the reason for Feeling is so that we might apply our Experience to guide others. There is no difference.
An Ecstatic tastes hardship and finds joy. An Ecstatic looks at his failures and mistakes and finds lessons. An Ecstatic looks at the chaos of life and finds peace, hears the pains of his body and finds pleasure. An Ecstatic feels their lover and finds the Divine.
An Ecstatic respects the decisions of others, and will never seek to force a new experience upon another. Not all will be ready for every experience, and Wisdom is knowing when to press and when to let go.
An Ecstatic answers only to their Self. This does not mean the laws of the Land are not important.
Growth is the Experience by which the other Experiences receive context.
Ecstasy is a way of Life, concurrent with all Religions. Ecstasy is not the only way.


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