Mysteries of Saffron Lily 3/5

Once there I search carefully, quietly, inconspicuously. Despite it having been so long ago, the metal does not seem to have rusted or twisted in any notable way. I run my hand along the top and get a quarter of the way down the railing before I feel it, wind. Looking carefully I can see the carefully concealed holes in the railing, funnels likely designed to catch rain-water… but why? I examine the flames on the bottom of the balustrade, feeling around where they touch the looser soils. Its then that it hits me, what the local Gods said, the house, the balustrade randomly appearing… this isn’t a singular thing: the balustrade is part of a larger structure!

I try something possibly very foolish then: I flick the railing, charging it with the essence of the sun, listening to the resonance. The note is sweet and pure, and after a couple of tries I am finally able to hear the response note. Almost the exact same, the responding note is just a touch flatter than the resonance note, it’s also at a much greater distance. I orient myself and follow it as best I can.

The note leads to a house near the edge of the district. I had not heard anything else from Sohana about this district, so it may be that there is something else which had made itself known that was less interesting. It would have to be so, otherwise why would it echo the resonance? Without hesitation I knock on the door.

The man of the house answers it, a young lad. He looks harangued, and I can hear at least three children in the background. His eyes go wide when he sees me.

“Are you from the Bitter Handler? Honestly, I have no money with which to pay you, and this is my home, my wife can’t see you or—“

“Relax, I’m not here from whoever that is. My name is…” I had not thought to use a false name yet. It is easy to see the man looks honest and embarrassed, if only mildly confused. “Subtle Blossoms. I just arrived from Port Cailin and have nowhere to go. A man at the gate said you were an honest and humble man, I was just hoping…” I give him a look that has made general’s flinty hearts melt. His relieved look turns to confusion.

“Oh… well, let me ask my wife… please come inside.”

“Thank you,” I smile demurely. The wife enters from the other room, having gotten the kids to finally sleep, and looks confusedly between me and her husband.

“Stone, what is going on?” She asks of him.

“I can explain,” I leap in before he has the chance to talk, that may be his wife, but I’m more confident that I can sway her better than he can. “My name is Subtle Blossoms, I arrived from Port Cailin and I told him I needed someplace to stay. That’s not the entire truth but its close enough. You see, I need to look through your house. I think someone hid something of mine here, and I would like to try and find it. I have money if you don’t mind.”



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